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Have you noticed that in recent years color trends have taken place?

And what happened this year? Have you heard about PANTONE?

Greenery, ultraviolet, rose quartz, etc.?

Well, for years past, the romance industry has focused on bringing a color trend to every type of bride. Today you will find many options to get inspiration and carry out your WEDDING.

In Case You Didn’t Know,Pantone a creator of the Pantone Matching System, a color identification, comparison, and communication system for graphic arts. Its color definition system is the most recognized and used by what is usually called the Pantone color control system.  2000 he has edited the color of the year.

Every year, Pantone experts meet to define the next 365 days through one color. Musical, film, fashion, social, economic, and political factors are taking into consideration. They review the current situation and generate the following question: what will people need next year? And they answer with a color, for example, last year’s color was Greenery.

For them, it is a neutral color that invites healthy eating, respect for the environment, and appreciating nature.

This 2018 the color is ultraviolet, which is born in red and blue, which generates a fusion of two opposites, that is, the masculine and feminine, of yin and yang, material and spirituality. Likewise, this color represents technology, and today we are experiencing the beginning of the technological era.

So you know, apart from selecting the tone for your wedding, it will have a meaning of background.

And you, what color would you choose?

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