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I was recently part of the evangelical bachelorette party of one of my best friends.

Many times we think and believe that hearing the word “biblical” is that we are going to pray, read the Bible, and talk about God.

Well, we have a misconception about this parting.

I think it is the most beautiful experience that can be (of course, if you are from the Catholic religion) since all the objects that are delivered have a sentimental value.

Each person participates in this farewell; they provide it with much love and good wishes.

Here I share the list in case you are planning one:

Sewing box.
Clieaning tools.
Matches, candles and light bulbs.
La The flower pot.
Imagen of the Virgin Mary.

In other versions, you can find a budget notebook, jewelry box, and hand lamp.

There is no specific order to be able to deliver these objects; among you can organize and provide an object that has more meaning for you. The image of the Virgin Mary is the only one that can be delivered by the bride’s mother, since she is everyone’s mother.

I invite you to consider this activity; you are going to enjoy it!

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