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In Mexico, we have the tradition of having family and close friends who accompany us in the religious ceremony; we call them godparents; they will be your pillars and advisers. Next, I tell you what function they have.

Godparents of “velación.” They are the main godparents and usually absorb the expenses of the church. Normally a stable marriage very close to the couple is chosen, often the parents of one of them.

Godparents of wedding rings. . It is best also to choose another couple that you admire and respect. They will be the ones to give you their wedding rings.

Godparents of “arras.” This ancient tradition symbolizes prosperity and blessings for the 12 months of the year, while the thirteenth coin represents what you will donate to those most in need. Think about choosing a close partner; it could be uncles or some other close relative or friend. Godparents. They are usually close relatives like brothers or sisters or a cousin. Each one will choose one. They do not need to be married.

In México, the roll or the Maid of honor is to help you whit your bouquet during the ceremony, in the end, she will give you another small bouquet to offer to the Virgin Mary and finally return your bouquet when you are about to leave the church.

Do you like our traditions?

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