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The most important question that arises with your partner about the organization of your wedding is:

How much are we going to spend?

My suggestion is to take an afternoon (weekend), sit down, talk and be able to get an amount which is your budget, based on this you can start to define what you will invest.

According to your tastes, you can prioritize what would be their most considerable investment.

The most straightforward exercise that can be is to make a list where number one is what matters most, for example:

1. Food
2. Venue
3. Music
4. Illumination
5. Decor

Based on the result of what you have considered within the list is how you can distribute percentages.

For you to have a clearer idea, I show you how most of the budgets is distribute:

50% Wedding reception: this includes food, drink, location, music, lighting, decoration.

20% Photography, video, rings, earnest money, bow, bouquets, and invitations.

10% Religious and civil ceremony.

10% Bride Look.

5% Groom Look.

5% Extras: hidden costs and overtime from suppliers.

With these data, you can have a good idea and be able to obtain your budget for your wedding!.

Let’s start!

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