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Are you planning your wedding, and now it’s time to make the guest list, and you don’t know what to do? …

A couple of years ago, guests with young children considered it disrespectful and automatically declined to attend since it was difficult to get a babysitting service, nowadays it is common to receive an invitation where you find the legend “NO CHILDREN”.

If you are in a dilemma to consider them, think about the following:

You can save a percentage of your budget by not having children’s dishes.

Your guests without children can have fun, even for a couple of hours (because you must consider that they must return home early).

If your location has a pool, fountain or water mirror, it is better not to consider them since you can avoid accidents.

If you have no alternative and your budget allows it, do an exclusive montage for them, hire a babysitting service, or an extra activity so that they can entertain.

If you have an extensive guest list and don’t want kids at your wedding, look on the bright side, you may have some cancellations that will work for you later.

So don’t stress and keep enjoying your wedding planning!

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